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Top Advantages Of College Management Software

2020 was the year that colleges across the world were required to adapt to online classes. This year, after months of hesitancy, new challenges, and lots of online learning, 2021 has seen colleges successfully adopted online classes and technological interventions.  This was mostly due to the use of College ERP software.

A college management software is a comprehensive college management solution. This software helps to automate all college processes, such as attendance management, new admission, college transport, timetable creation, and lots more from one place. While college ERP software was growing in popularity these past few years, the industry gained a significant boost in the past year.

The admission management module in college ERP helps in digitizing the entire admission management process. The biggest advantage of this feature is, parents don’t have to stand in long queues to submit their admission, they can pay fees online and receive timely reminders of due and upcoming fees. And Edumaat provides one of the best college admission software in India.

Manual tabulation of attendance is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, a college ERP software offers an online attendance management feature with an integration biometric device to automate the attendance, punctuality of the students, teachers, and staff. This digital system guarantees that all the classroom time of the teachers is diverted towards the education of the students.

Lessen communication gap among teachers, staff, parents, and students by enabling the internal messaging feature in the College ERP system. This system can be combined with external communication tools like email and texting for the parents. This makes certain that the parents receive timely updates about their children – from academic information, updates on events to even disciplinary actions if needed.

Using College ERP, colleges can conduct online tests, assignments, and exams even outside the classroom boundaries. The students can attend organized examinations from any location, on any device and the results can be tabulated and sent to the students almost instantly.

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