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Integrated College Management Software

An Integrated college Management Software for digital campus

Edumaat college management system or college ERP is designed bearing in mind the need of colleges currently for end-to-end digitisation. It brings all the participants on a single cloud-based web and Mobile App platform to provide strong platform-based connectivity for accurate digital operations. The integrated college management system is designed with a thought to provide full fledge College ERP so that colleges need not to rely on numerous software to continue their operations successfully.

The Integrated College Management software works great for individual vocational course colleges to large college campuses with several courses and divisions. Centralized system with integrated organization approach makes is highly appropriate for all kinds of colleges and educational organizations.

Having a strong communication to participants and information sharing about academic happenings with students is becoming extremely technology driven. Edumaat College Management Software has built a strong feature list to execute these important events effectually through the web and Mobile App. It gives special power to lecturers to communicate and share academics material 24X7 at their ease. On the other side learners remain highly engaged and updated regarding college activities.

Doing paperless admittances has become an essential in every college today. Handling the end-to-end inquiry & admission procedure can significantly improve prospective students’ experience and productivity of management and counselling team. Having fees and finance administration integrated can bring next level of clearness and financial competence. Edumaat college management system has vigorous modules to run these operations highly proficiently.

College Management Software brings key advantages of all round digital resource administration. It covers hostel, HRMS, gate-pass, library, inventory, transport and many other significant things. Handling these resources digitally doesn’t only improve individual department efficacy but provides better experience to all the participants. No university in today’s time can envisage operating without a digital platform. Edumaat College ERP is vigorously designed to bring highly productive experience to institutions.

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