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EDUMAAT – Best Education Management Software

Edumaat enhances the way you learn by innovative technology that it is built on. Edumaat is offering innovative and robust institute process and is excelling in the field of education management software, that increases the productivity of your organisation and helps you to handle your time efficiently. The software simplifies and eases the educational processes and makes your school or college operations more efficient and reliable. It addresses the needs of each stake holder of your institute. It enables easy access for teachers, students and the entire school administration to access what they require.

Delivering the best educational software that manages all the data and information of your institute, Edumaat Primero and Edumaat Segundo and Education Data Analysis plays a vital role in managing your different processes like administration, data management and data analysis to provide different role based customised dashboards for all the stack holders which will assist every stake holders to take firm decisions.

EDUMAAT assists you to

  • Manage all your institution and education related information from anywhere, anytime and at any place.
  • Increase your productivity
  • Manage your information efficiently, provides timely and accurate information related to each and every student, teacher, employee and staff member.
  • Manage financial department including fees, dues, concessions, transport fee, etc.
  • Instantly update, monitor and manage the class schedules, periods and subjects according to requirement and much more.

uEdumaat is a compatible software solution for your schools, colleges or universities and other educational institutions that allows you to operate and process in a single frame. To know more about Edumaat, contact us at or write us to

Why Education Industries Need this Software ?

Edumaat is specially designed to manage the advent of software management with the help of advanced technologies. It helps in digitally monitoring the resources and daily activities in a single platform.

Edumaat is a one-stop solution for the best education management system software which makes the work reliable and robust. The software in India allows the schools to shift to the next advanced level and improves parent interaction. Communication is managed in an efficient and trouble-free manner. Employees, Student information, digital information can be managed patently. Educational platforms like Zoom, Google meet, help to connect people online for a faster and efficient way of communication. Management of educational institutions, Organisations, Curriculum tasks are handled with careful planning and information can be extracted anytime. Various tasks can be handled and operated comfortably in a single line integrated system. Reports are enhanced with complete data security using the management software. The productivity is increased effortlessly and takes the management absolutely to the right place.

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