Selecting the Best School Management System

If your school isn’t using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to its fullest potential or not using one at all, you’re in good company. Leveraging technology platform’s many features and integrating with other less obvious applications is a process … Read More

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Student Attendance Management Software

Student attendance management software is developed to monitor everyday student attendance in educational institutions. This software makes it easier to maintain and track the attendance information for the management. The system is automated where it tracks the student automatically once … Read More

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Educational Data Analytics

Here in Edumaat, data analytics and its support system is to verify and analyze data and supporting data driven environment. It is necessary for educational institutions to be smarter with data and analytics, also an important factor for a school … Read More

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Fees Management with Tally accounting interface

EDUMAAT helps to regulate, automate, and transform the fee process to drive efficiently and cost effectively. Main features of the fees management module is to be intelligent and user-friendly as the system is reliable and easy to use. It can … Read More

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Examination Management Software for School

Edumaat is known for its best and excellent examination management system. With its automated system process, Edumaat helps to schedule and handle the examination much easier by reducing the time for the institute in scheduling the exam for all the … Read More

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School Admission Management Software

Edumaat provides a school admission management software for students who are always updated in lessons, classes, grades, assignments and more. With Edumaat’s admission management software for schools you can easily track, update, edit all the student related information without any … Read More

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How to Manage the Entire Admission Process?

Main aim for an institute is preparing the student, imparting the knowledge to the student and produce enlightened students who contribute to the world and the society through their knowledge. EDUMAAT is a software tool designed for the automation of … Read More

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Latest Technologies in Education system

Education system has evolved to the latest technologies as years pass by, and it is time for us to adapt to the trending and easy way to access and run an institution. Educational Management Software is an all-in-one software, which … Read More

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Manage your College and Universities using Online Software

Managing a school, colleges, educational universities are harder; we make them easy and more affordable. Connecting: Connecting the educational institute with parents quickly and personally on daily basis The connecting source will be either of the phone or voice message, … Read More

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Edumaat Provides Online Management Software for Schools

We play a key role of smart Indian education system. We provide a comprehensive digital solution for educational institutes which is an easy to use solution for combining and interacting with software to gain more information. There are numerous benefits … Read More

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