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The Effectiveness of Education Management Software in Schools

The Student Attendance Management System is gaining a huge popularity in making daily student attendance in schools easier. This software facilitates a better access to the attendance information of a particular student in a class. All information is sorted by the operators and provides essential information to the teacher when required. In addition to it, this software will also help the management to evaluate attendance eligibility criteria of a student.

The Attendance Management Software is perfectly designed to track and manage attendance anytime and any day. It uses punch card, RF ID card and scanners to systematic attendance recording procedure. This software will further enable to generate attendance reports in various criteria and assist teachers to get student entry details. The teacher can now easily calculate the percentage of leaves and present dates. It further helps giving alert to the parents about the students; present or absent for the day.

The modules of attendance management software include:

- Attendance for lecture delivery
- Student attendance report
- Teacher wise student absent report
- Attendance defaulter list
- Student register
- Present student list
- Student card
- Student information / transfer certificate
- Daily attendance register – class wise / subject wise / lecture wise
- Month wise attendance status and much more

The key purpose of this attendance management software is to computerise all the processes involved in taking attendance. This software will also help to get desired reports automatically as required. It further enhance the speed of performing attendance task easily and generate periodic reports to constantly check students’ attendance on regular basis, such as who are regular and who are not.

This attendance management system is very useful to the staff and management to quickly generate various reports and submit to the faculties instantly. The staff can also quickly generate the black list of the students who lack attendance according to the set percentage.

The student attendance management system will totally eliminate the paper works involved while progressing the student information. One of the key highlight of this software is the teacher can easily monitor the student within a short time and the parents can also check their ward’s status online. This software brings all major benefits to the schools, colleges and education institutes in various ways.


Partner Speak

“It is interesting to see how a single platform addresses the requirements of the different stakeholders of an educational institute; the Principal, institute management, heads of departments, faculty, general staff, students, parents, and so on. It is all the more interesting the see the dashboards that pretty much sums up the major hot buttons that you would like the decision maker to possess at a single key stroke.”
Our biggest challenge was two-fold. We were short of resources but wanted a quick scale up in our fees administration and institute automation processes that could quickly deliver to our expectations. We knew that time was a challenge yet when we looked at the Edumaat Product, the product team took up our challenge and promptly delivered. What's more it offered multiple hosting options and it meant an automatic technology upgrade for us as it employs state-of-the-art Java Frameworks to accomodate what they called plug-ins at will per our requirements.
KavithaInstitute Admin
JD Soft- An incredible company with lots of innovations and creations that meets the exact need of the hour. JD soft fulfilled my long awaited vision of having a module for the fee collection in our school. JD soft has highly talented, innovative, and dedicated young minds to work for the cause. They are ever ready and available to make the module as wished and highly user friendly. Thanks a lot and May God Bless.
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