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Edumaat Primero

Edumaat Primero for Schools provides an optimized and configurable platform for Education Process Management along with integrated Data ……….

Edumaat Segundo

Edumaat Segundo for Colleges and Universities provides an integrated and configurable platform with comprehensive Course, Module, Lessons……………

Education Data Analytics

This Data Analytics and Decision Support System is fully configurable to analyse data across education business processes and master data for an institute ………

Edumaat Features


Add-on implementation services or modules that may require customization and implementation

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Responsive Design


Library Management

Customizable Option


ERP and Device Integration

Standard and Custom Options


Configurable Dashboard

Score-card Driven


Examination Lifecycle Management

Customizable Option


Lessons and Laboratory Management

Integrated Learning

Partner Speak

“It is interesting to see how a single platform addresses the requirements of the different stakeholders of an educational institute; the Principal, institute management, heads of departments, faculty, general staff, students, parents, and so on. It is all the more interesting the see the dashboards that pretty much sums up the major hot buttons that you would like the decision maker to possess at a single key stroke.”
“Educational Data Analytics is a very important concept in today’s educational governance programs and in educational institutions in order to ensure good quality of education. But in order to process algorithms for data analytics, the underlying data needed should be of very good quality and such data integrity can only be achieved through using an integrated educational business process management system or an educational ERP system such as Edumaat.”
JohnData Analytics Expert
“It is really amazing to see how the various business processes of an educational institute are integrated in this single platform proving transparency to the administrators and management, as well as the staff.”
J ChaudhuriEx-faculty of an Engineering College

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