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How to Manage Online Exam System for Your School?

Online Examinations are becoming widespread and essential. Many universities and colleges have given up the old-style method of pen and paper and have embraced the modern methods of online examinations.Present social distancing norms has caused in adopting new technology for secure online exams process. Proctoring is one of the most essential factors for any institution while conducting the online exams. Nevertheless, with the introduction of this new technology, new concerns about safety have come up.

The old paper-based examination is getting swapped with online examination due to its many and unlike benefits. It offers an operative mechanism to conduct exams with a less-managerial cost.Entrance exams in education institute, employment exams for hiring, certification exams from specialized certification authorities are conducted online. Examination Management Software delivers scalability and flexibility.

Exam security means taking actions which guarantee that the test is conducted in a fair manner. There should be no scope of dishonest actions by the students while they give the online exam. Consequently, the security aspect of the online examination process is critical for overcoming misconducts or illegal access to the information.Secure Browser Technology stops users from opening any other window while the online examination is going on. The user is permissible to access only the examination window.In the Remote Proctoring system, a superintendent is not required to be present at the examination centre. The test can be proctored even from distant locations.Data encryption plays a significant role in avoiding unauthorized access to question banks. It also helps to evade result manipulation without valid credentials. It is a vital feature to make sure the safety of the examination.

Edumaat, Examination management software provides a detailed audit logging facility where activities like Login, Logout, Exam Access, Question Navigation, Answer Responses, time taken to complete the exam, required reports, etc are recorded in the system.The idea of IP based Authorization and Authentication means that the access and operating of the examination program is limited or limited to a specified number of IP addresses.

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