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School Database Management Software

The success of any organisation such as School or a University hinges on its ability to acquire accurate and timely data about its operations, and to manage this data effectively, and use it to analyse and guide its activities for further optimise its operations. Integrated school/university database system offer users (Student, Registrar, HOD) with a unified view of data from multiple sources. To provide a single consistent result for every object represented in these data sources, data fusion is concerned with resolving data inconsistency present in the heterogeneous sources of data.

EDUMAAT offers such a school database management system with a rigid and robust integrated student database system that will track and store records and transactional details of students. This easy-to-use, integrated database application is geared towards reducing time spent on administrative tasks. The system is intended to accept the process and generate report accurately and any user can access the system at any point in time provided internet facility is available. The system is also intended to provide better services to users, provide meaningful, consistent, and timely data and information and finally promotes efficiency by converting paper processes to electronic form.

Information is an indispensable tool which many schools and other organisations use to advance decision making. A large amount of student’s data is generated either manually or electronically on a daily basis. When the population of the student in a school is less than a hundred, the manual system can work perfectly but it is not the best method of managing records of students. The manual and disintegrated electronic systems have numerous disadvantages because these methods of capturing and managing data about students are prone to data inconsistency, data redundancy, difficult to update and maintain data, bad security, difficult to impose a constraint on the various data file and difficult to backup.

An integrated student database system provides prudent solutions to address problems associated with the manual system and helps in automating many processes that are repetitive which helps in optimisation of the process and huge cost saving. In order to assess the performance of the school and students over time, there is the need to use past records of students without any missing data. The integrated student database system which captures and maintains longitudinal data of students would provide accurate and reliable data about current and past students. Such an automated school database management system would enjoy the benefit error-free and efficient.

The system was developed using advanced technologies of JAVA, Spring with MySQL and AngularJS is used to build the user interface. The system is free of errors and very efficient and less time consuming due to the care taken to develop it. All the phases of this school database management system development cycle are employed and it is worthwhile to state that the system is very robust and stable.

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