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Student Attendance Management System

Student Attendance Management

Most studies of student performance that use the production function or input-output approach do not consider student attendance as an independent variable. Data from various schools who are the clients of EDUMAAT indicate that student attendance is positively and significantly related to standardised achievement test performance. Student attendance, along with effective teaching, has the greatest influence on student engagement and achievement. The attendance module in EDUMAAT aims to assist schools to manage attendance effectively, and so contribute to improving student engagement and achievement.

EDUMAAT Attendance Management module maintains an efficient and accurate recording of student’s attendance. It also helps to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of absences. A complete attendance report and summary of the student can also be generated. Based on the presence %, students can be allowed to sit in exams.

This module bridges effective communication between students, teachers, and parents by sending a notification about attendance via Email or SMS. Marking of attendance for each student for each class sometimes sounds boring task is all you have to do is the paperwork which can consume a lot of time, so according to management need, Student Attendance module can be integrated with RFID, BLE or any other method that automates the whole process which is easy to perform and it saves a lot of time. In this, numerous reports related to student attendance can be generated within a single click.

Benefits of EDUMAAT Student Attendance System

To record or marking of attendance for each and every student is not an easy task and it consumes a lot of time due to which no accuracy of data is maintained. Following are 5 major benefits of student attendance:

1. Manual marking of attendance usually takes time, so with EDUMAAT’s Student Attendance Management System the whole process is automated and teachers need not put extra effort to mark attendance.
2. Attendance records are kept safe and can be checked easily whenever required.
3. Attendance management system saves a lot of time and accurate it automatically reports are generated.
4. The major advantage of this attendance module is that it is very flexible and can be adopted by small and large schools at reasonable pricing.
5. Attendance module provides smooth working of schools/or institution and instant alerts can be sent to parents/ students related to the shortage of attendance, monthly attendance reports, etc.

It reduces the burden of maintaining records on paper and carries out the task in the most effective and efficient way. This module is designed to handle various attendance requirements without much effort involved. This is one of the best features in EDUMAAT education management software as it simplifies a wide range of student attendance documents. This attendance system has the facility to share attendance reports via Email or SMS. With a single click, you can easily get to the reports like monthly attendance register, irregularity of students in the class for more than 3 days, shortage of student attendance and much more.

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