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School Information Management Software

How School Management Software Help Student and Teacher to Connect Effortlessly

A school does not just deal with schoolrooms and other academic characteristics, but it also must deal with numerous non-academic aspects. A school management includes school admissions, school fees management, parent-teacher communication, exam organization, and quite a lot of responsibilities. The management and educational staff carry out these tasks in collaboration. But they face lots of difficulties and experiences wide workload when they finish these tasks physically. How expedient if these tasks are carried out by a dedicated school management software and staff is allocated for more productive tasks!

Edumaat integrates this ground-breaking idea and releases tailor-made software for school management so that your teacher is free for concentrating on their core tasks. Teachers and schoolchildren being the core stakeholder of any education organization, need to maintain a healthy relationship with each other. The real relationship results in students’ development and actually the institute’s impression. Let us now explain how software can eradicate the hassles in the students-teachers communication process.

In the traditional method, teachers need to take attendance every day and need to enter into the register without any error. But when organizations shifted to online learning systems and classes were conducted online, teachers were disorganised about how to mark attendance, or they need to check the login of every student and mark it. Edumaat removes this confusion by routinely marking the attendance of each student participating in the virtual classes. This method appeared to be very useful for teachers as a lot of time is saved as attendance task is outsourced to the dedicated system.

Even in offline schools, biometric or RFID-based attendance decreases the entire attendance task and let them focus on core teaching task. Edumaat’s School Information Management System removes the weight of attendance activity, instead, teachers can allocate more time for education. Also, the management will get accurate attendance as it is free from human involvement.

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