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Current & Future Trends In Learning Management System

The past year has undoubtedly brought about some monumental changes in the way we work and learn. The pandemic has left many in the workforce with a need to continue remote work, which presents new challenges and opportunities for employers, as remote work has profited companies as well.

As a result, many companies are making changes to their training programs and are allocating more of their budgets for learning management system. Online learning is growing while instructor-led training is on the decline.

Many people in management are working to rearrange training into remote learning but also want to make sure that their employees are getting the appropriate training and are still learning the necessary skills through an online classroom.

Before the pandemic, many businesses were wary about using virtual classrooms for their training procedures. They worried that it wouldn’t be effective, but when the pandemic pushed companies to take their training online, they saw that it was highly fruitful.

Virtual training has several benefits, including:

  • Allows for flexibility in schedules
  • Employees can train from anywhere in the world
  • Easier to give and grade tests for instant feedback

There are still challenges when it comes to virtual training. Many workers don’t have a strong internet connection, and some may not wish to use their webcams. Training content also has to be revised to make it fit an eLearning platform.

Still, most employers are beginning to feel that the benefits are outweighing the risks, and virtual training may finally become the norm.


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