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Automated admissions process for Schools and Colleges

If you work in admissions at a school, college or an university, you know the importance of keeping students engaged early in the enrolment process. Automating everyday processes in admissions not only speeds applicant document completion, it also accelerates student evaluation and expedites the distribution of acceptance letters.

As higher education continues to become increasingly competitive, rival schools and colleges are vying to recruit and retain high-quality students. According to a 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Admissions Directors, 58 percent noted they had not filled their classes by the traditional May 1 deadline. Also, 51 percent of those surveyed reported they were “very concerned” about meeting the year’s enrolment goals, and nearly another third stated that they were “moderately concerned.”

Escalating enrolment pressures are now forcing many institutions to find new ways to attract and retain high-quality students, as well as provide an excellent customer experience across the student lifecycle.

Simplifying your student admissions process helps you deliver informed admissions answers and decisions faster than your competition. Timely notification of admission to potential students not only provides your school with a competitive edge, it also increases the likelihood of reaching your enrolment goals earlier in the year. The following ten processes in EDUMAAT can help you streamline your student admissions process, so you can spend less time performing time-consuming, manual tasks and more time providing your students with excellent service.

1.   Streamline student applicant processing

EDUMAAT allows you to capture and import applications and supporting documents, regardless of format. Now you can use digital checklists and automated workflow to accelerate the completion of application packets, and automate the distribution of acceptance letters to increase student satisfaction early in the enrolment process.

2.   Reduce transcript processing time

EDUMAAT accelerates transcript processing by automatically sorting incoming transcripts, capturing and validating specific student and coursework information and passing it directly to your student information or enterprise system. Reduce costly, time-consuming data entry tasks for staff and eliminate frustrating decision delays for students.

3.   Make financial decisions faster

EDUMAAT simplifies the verification of data between your Student Information System (SIS) and payments system, allowing you to expedite financial decisions. Faster processing gives your school a competitive advantage by ensuring a greater likelihood of enrolling the best students for your institution.

4.  Streamline records management

EDUMAAT always helps you to stay ahead of tasks associated with student registration, record retrieval, information verification and academic documentation. By removing workflow bottlenecks in everyday processes, you can answer questions more quickly and provide accurate information that helps students better manage their education experience.

5. Access documents remotely

With EDUMAAT installed you can instantly access documents and information at the moment they are needed, whether you’re across campus, working from a remote location or attending a college fair. Answer students’ questions and information requests with a single click, whether you’re on or off campus.

6. Create a complete student record

With EDUMAAT you can now combine student documents and information including applications, test scores, transcripts, financial aid forms, billing and athletic eligibility reports into a complete student record. Seeing the total picture gives your staff the insight needed to deliver informed decisions and avoid missed opportunities.

7. Protect student privacy

While giving a complete view of the student to the staff, EDUMAAT is designed to provide timely and accurate information while adhering to your institution’s compliance and retention policies as well as Department of Education and state and local regulations. Protect privacy by ensuring that confidential data associated with student, staff and alumni files are viewed only by users with assigned access.

8.    Automate routing and approvals

EDUMAAT assigns documents to work queues based on established steps or conditions, and this enhances collaboration by allowing multiple users to view documents as needed. This will also eliminate physical routing of paper documents and reduce security breaches caused by information loss or theft.

9.   Minimise manual data entry

By using EDUMAAT admissions module, the school or college can automate the data capture and validation by the student themselves, which speeds up the cycle time and improve the quality of data. This will also eliminate the delays and hassles associated with manual data entry thereby maximising human capital and reducing costly errors.

10. Connect data in a single system

Are you still toggling back and forth between your student information system and student documents? With EDUMAAT, with a single-click you can access all information, you can integrate documents, data, files, email and more directly enabling your staff to easily manage information from a secure, central repository.

With the above functionalities the admission module of EDUMAAT is one of the most advanced systems currently available. EDUMAAT can help you transform your school/college student admissions process, make faster, more-informed admissions decisions, and spend more time providing an excellent customer experience across the student lifecycle.

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