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7 Main Features You Will Look For In School Management Software

School Management Software

Schools these days are mandated to maintain tonnes of data to adhere to the rules which have been formed for them to run with peace and ease. Traditionally schools had to maintain a lot of paperwork creating tonnes of fuss ending up in chaos. They are really hard to be maintained manually only relying on the paper works as these it’s even more to do.

Some of the disadvantages of maintaining them only through paper are it consumes a lot of time much more than we think, which makes it tougher and exhausting for the staffs. It creates a lot of chaos even if lose one piece of paper from the records. And it is even more difficult to dig into old records when need as there will be a lot and we where to look for.

How can School Management Softwares help?

Well, School Management Software helps the schools to automate every record by classifying them into different categories and letting different features do it’s respective jobs making it easier for the staff and making the tasks more time-efficient.


So let us explore the must-have features of a School Management Systems


Student Information System.

It is the sole purpose to have a school management software. Every student has their distinct data of discipline, grades, ECA/CCA performance, Personal Information, etc., So it is hard to maintain all of them for class teachers with more than 30-40 students averagely. This feature of the School management system makes it easier for a teacher to do that.

Teacher Information System.

It was undoubtedly important to monitor the activities and the quality of teaching for the management and administrators of the school to maintain their reputation of it and earn a lot more further. So it is mandatory to get software for school management with this feature.

Attendance Management System.

The traditional way of maintaining the attendance with the paperwork could be replaced with this feature because we know the types of problems that have arrived through all the years doing it. This feature maintains perfect numbers by eliminating the errors due to negligence and prevent proxies who try to fool.

Fee tracking and Online Payments system.

The old way of collecting fees through fee counters is slowly disappearing because parents have no time to stand in long lines for paying the fee. Everything is getting digitalized and easier to manage more than the traditional ways we used to do. So, that implies this feature helps us to manages the records of received fees and the collection of online payment.

Library management system.

Library management is yet another time-consuming and hard task for librarians. They have maintained the records books being taken, returned, and the books that yet to be returned all by themselves. And it also hard for students to collect the books waiting for such a long time until they complete the records. So the library management system makes it easier for students and librarians by automating the records to be maintained.

Transport Management System.

The transport management system joins a list of important tasks to be managed as the transport happens two times every day and there is a lot of data to be recorded and maintained. So the transport management is mandatory to be possessed by the schools who are having transport facilities for their staff and students.

Parents Access Control.

Schools have the responsibility to report to them about the child’s behavior, discipline, scores, etc. to their respective parents. Traditionally it will be only in the form of Parent-Teacher’s meeting, But this feature allows schools to report to the parents from time to time about the attendance, holidays, absenteeism, and so on.

So next time when you’re in the idea of acquiring a school management look for these major features for a better choice.

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