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School Information Management Software

Why Integrated School Management software is the need of the hour?

Edumaat offers Integrated School Management Software for Schools, teaching solutions and a bigger school running system. With Edumaat School Management software, schools can now deliver continuous learning, both online and in-class using world-class teaching training to reach high learning results for every child.

A School Management software is a cloud-based educational ERP software that empowers higher education institutes to be able to administer online admission, student registration, pupils’ attendance, online fees, grades, projects, library books, etc. It can also produce online grades, mark sheets, pupils’ performance reports, etc. & cuts the pressure on faculty.

Integrated School Management Software is an end-to-end solution for schools to improve operating adeptness & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty growth and campus administration. Hosted on the cloud, this School Management software helps instructors to update all the main activities with the modern technology stack such as biometrics which creates precise reports on school admission, registration, grant, earlier academic record, house, fees, alerts, attendance and submission managing.

Reorganize your examination and student valuation process and generate multiple subject-wise exams and projects, describe weightage of each towards final valuation and even include weightage from extra-curricular events, and Edumaat guarantees that student results are always and regularly updated.


Edumaat’s School Management software has many pro modules and inbuilt modules. This software is planned to keep in mind the diverse operations of a school. Our team knows that for any school to function their administrative processes well, should and must choose a cloud School Management software, for the following reasons –

  • Manual work cuts considerably
  • Processes get synced
  • Produces reports/ receipts/ drafts for all units
  • Information stays protected
  • Practical Customization
  • Modern Web Technologies
  • Reasonably rated
  • 24×7 online and offline service

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