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Easy-to-use, User Friendly, Customisable Modules, Data Encryption and Security, Auto Backup, All-in-one school management software and much more...

Admission Management Software

Students are admitted to an institute, typically through a well-laid out admission process, which may even be interfaced with the institute’s website in specific cases. The candidate or prospective student follows a workflow approach to fill up data pertaining to the course(s) applied for and all other required data and uploaded documents. Edumaat, recognized as the best ERP for educational institutions, features a built-in customizable algorithm that scores the candidates according to the demand and availability of seats and generates the list of admissible candidates. The administrative staff then follows a defined and customizable procedure to register the student for the course.

Courses/Lessons Management

These set of processes enable to heads of departments and faculty to design and setup courses and curricula, modules for these courses, allocation of faculty member to teach the modules and monitor the effectiveness.

These processes enable the staff member allocated to teach a module can setup lesson plans, schedule, lesson contents and class assignments to student groups or to a specific student.

For modules involving laboratory assignments, the teacher or the laboratory assistant can set up laboratory plans and content mapping to equipment and components needed for the said laboratory assignment or plan.

It also helps the students and the teacher to interact on the assignments and proactively promotes deeper learning on the concerned subjects.

Student Management

The integration of student management processes, along with the student portal, empowers students to effectively manage their time and stay informed about assignment status, results, and examination performance, as well as outstanding institute invoices. Through the student portal, students can directly access learning modules and e-library documents.

In a similar vein, the parent’s or guardian’s portal, facilitated by affordable school management software in India, is thoughtfully designed to keep parents and guardians in touch with their child’s academic performance, institute events, and important notifications.

Institute Administration

The Institute Administration Processes, essential for maintaining the business efficiency of an institute, encompass various core processes. These processes, which can be significantly enhanced by a comprehensive university management software, generally follow a sequential order. However, they are often independent of each other, even though they commonly share data.

Attendance Management

Quick and Instant Attendance handling for Faculty and Students

Attendance management system enables a institution to digitally store and take attendance for both student and staff. Also, a parent is immediately notified via SMS, Mobile App Notification, Email, Portal if the child is absent from institution. A parent can also apply for a leave for their child.

Attendance can be captured via

  • Bio metric Device
  • RFID Device
  • Bluetooth Device
  • EDUMAAT Mobile App and Portal

Fee Management

It helps institution in collecting fees through an online process and helps in maintaining a proper database of each and every transaction. Regular notifications are sent to parents in terms of due fees, late payment, etc. Fee module is integrated with accounting module where the income transactions are posted automatically.

  • Free Online Payment Gateway
  • Customised Fee Receipts
  • Discounts
  • Scholarships
  • Late Fee
  • Partial/Full Payment
  • Auto-reminders
  • Refunds
  • Security Deposits
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Daily Reports via Email

Multiple Institutions Management

With EDUMAAT’s ERP software for college management and school management, you can efficiently manage a group of institutes with various curriculums under a single roof. This feature empowers the head office to exercise centralized control and gain insights into all their institutions under a unified authority. You can handle reports from all sub-institutions at the head office, ensuring a centralized control system. Key functionalities include generating ,

  • Comparative reports between institutions
  • Perfomance review of each institutte
  • Budget Controlling
  • Centralised Finance Management

Examination Management

Exam Schedule Announcement, Result Publishing, Custom Report Book Formats, Notify Result via SMS, Results in Mobile App

EDUMAAT’s flexible and powerful examination system enables your institution to generate gradebook with single clicks which covers end to end activities of the examination of an entire institute that starts from scheduling, hall arrangement, hall ticket generation till custom reports.

  • Flexible grading options
  • Bulk Upload via excel sheet
  • Co-Scholastic Subjects
  • Customised Report Book
  • Arrear Management
  • Hall Ticket Printing
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Automatic Grading Sytem
  • Teacher’s Performance Evaluation
  • Class Performance Evaluation
  • Ranking System
  • Exam Fee Management
  • Bulk Printing of Reportcard
  • Restrict Result View for Fee Defaulter

Communication Management

Free Transactional SMS, Free SMS/Email Gateway Integration, Bulk SMS/Email/Mobile App Notifications

All in one place where no extra portal or login is required to send communication. Seamless communication between institute and the parents.

EDUMAAT sends Template-based Automated communication for

  • Fee Reminders
  • Homeworks and Schedule
  • Library Dues
  • Exam Results
  • Fee Payments
  • Attendance
  • Transport(Insurance, RC, License, FC)
  • Salary
  • Admission
  • Unlimited Attachment

Human Resources (HR) Management

Easy Acess to Employee Information, Profile Management, Leave Management

These processes help the administrative staff and heads of departments set up and monitor information with respect to its teaching and non-teaching staff.
It help in the assignment of various courses and modules to various faculty members, monitor feedback and performance of staff including attendance and which is based also on other aspect oriented performance parameters.
The Students and Staff portals help the administrative staff to effectively address the requirements of these communities in a transparent and optimized manner.

  • Teaching/Non Teaching
  • Contract Staff Management
  • Temporary/Permanant Staff
  • Designations and Levels
  • Approvals

Facility Management

The institute may consist of one or several buildings inside an integrated campus or a distributed one and these building may consist of various facilities like class, exam or seminar rooms and halls, laboratories, libraries, clubs, gymnasia or canteens, hostel rooms, etc. among others. There might be other types of facilities such as a fleet of buses to carry participating students or staff.
The facility management processes help administer these facilities with optimum effort.

Enterprise Document Management

The Edumaat solution has a built-in tightly-integrated full-function Document Management System (DMS) that aims to serve as the institute’s enterprise document management platform.

Educational Institutes are document-heavy and this there is pressing need to be able to access enterprise documents and those belonging to students and staff and other stakeholders safe, secure and accessible quickly when required.

The enterprise documents are generally categorized as follows:

  • Module Related Documents
  • Administration Documents
  • Administration Records
  • Assets (Items) Related Documents
  • (Examination) Applicant related documents
  • Student related documents
  • Examination related documents

The Edumaat solution provides for an efficient document platform with indexing feature for the value-optimized institute.

ID Card Generation

Custom Designs, Bulk Printing, Bar Code, QR Code

EDUMAAT generates ID card as per the custom designs for the following

  • Student
  • Staff
  • Transport
  • Visitor
  • Hosteler
  • Bearer

Custom Document/Letter Generation

EDUMAAT generates custom letters/formats downloadable as PDF, Excel, Image, etc.

  • Admission Letter
  • Fee Structure Letter
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • Offer Letter
  • Staff Service Certificate
  • Discharge Letter
  • Circulars

Inventory Management

Purchase, Track Inventory, Issue/Return, Barcode, Scrap management

EDUMAAT Inventory module adds lot of functionality in managing indents and purchasing items for the institution.

  • Supplier Management
  • Entire Inventory Database
  • Categories
  • Issue/Returns of Items
  • Tracking of Items
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Sales of Inventory Items
  • Custom Reports
  • Bulk Upload

Compliant Management

EDUMAAT inbuilt complaint and feedback management system enables to handle

  • Raise complaints by any user
  • Capture feedback about course/staff
  • Take action against complaint
  • Timely Notifications
  • Escalate if not resolved
  • Track the status of the compliant
  • Hierarchy level in handling the complaints

Library Management

OPAC(Online public access catalog), Multiple Library Setup, Cataloging, User/Book Tracking, Automated Notifications, Barcode Generation

EDUMAAT offers the complete library management system which extends to

  • Thesis/Research Paper Management
  • Barcode Generation against every book
  • Barcode Scanner Integration
  • Automated dues calculation
  • Automated reminder for returning
  • Custom limitation on number of issue/renewal
  • Customised Reports & Dashboards

Transport Management

GPS Integration, Transport Attendance, Transport Fee, Route Schedule, Maintenance

EDUMAAT offers a complete vehicle / transport management system with the following features :

  • Vehicle Details
  • Bus Driver Profiles
  • Vehicle Attender Details
  • Transport ID cards
  • Fuel Entry
  • Bus Delay Notifications
  • Vehicle Time Schedules
  • Vehicle Route Schedules
  • Vehicle / Route wise student reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance & FC Notifications

Accounts/Finance Management

Multi Institute Management, Comparision of expesnes between institution, Budget Control, Automatic Posting Entries from Purchase & Fee, Tax, Tally XML

In-built accounts management system allows to handle entire day to day transactions of the institute.

  • Ledger
  • Reconciliations
  • Debit / Credit Note
  • Multi Layer Permission
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Purchase / Sales Register
  • Multi Branch Management
  • Payment / Receipt Voucher

Payroll Management

Payslip, Automatic Leave Calculation, Bank Reports, Form 16

Payroll module linked with Human Resource, Attendance, Accounts enables to generate the payslip with ease in simple steps where most of the calculations are done automatically by EDUMAAT itself.

  • Salary Slip Generation
  • Earning/Deductions
  • PF Configuration
  • ESI
  • Increament Calculation
  • Professional Tax
  • PF Reports
  • Bulk Payslip Generation
  • Notification via Email/SMS
  • Gratuity Calculation

Event Management

Event Management Modules helps the institute in planning up the events in advance which will be notified automatically. All the events, exams, holidays, schedules, etc. can be viewed at one place in the Academic Calendar

  • Scheduling of Events
  • Assigning tasks to staff for events
  • Automated Remainders
  • Sharing Multimedia
  • View all in Academic Calendar

Automatic TimeTable Generation

Flexible Timetable Settings with Drag & Drop Feature

EDUMAAT’s automated time table generation helps the institute in creating the time table for the entire institution in seconds with lot of constraints that the institute faces generally like no clashes between staff, continuous hours for lab, low weightage subject allocation, etc.

  • Lots of customized preferences to generate time table
  • No overlapping of class
  • Creation of combined classes
  • Downloadable as PDF
  • Staff timetable generation
  • Automated Notification
  • Substitute Time Table

Front Desk Management

Linked with Web Cam, QR Code, Gatepass Management

Front Desk modules helps in the institution to handle

  • Every Visitor
  • Track Enquiries
  • Visitor ID Card
  • Gatepass with web cam photo

Requisition & Approval

Leave Requests, Purchase Requests, Transfer Certificate, Meeting

EDUMAAT has REQUISITION & APPROVAL Module where the user can request for

  • Inventory Items
  • Purchase
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Meeting
  • Leave
  • Movement
  • Library Book

Task Management

Prioritize, Schedule, Track, Automated Notifications

Task Management Module enables the institution to assign tasks to the teacher and the students for events, exams, etc.

  • Assign Tasks to Individuals
  • Assign Tasks to Groups
  • Set Due Date
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Prioritize the tasks
  • Attach Files
  • Track the tasks
  • Reports

Custom Powerful Tailormade Reports and Dashboards

Customizable Reports, Dashboards as per the requirements, Role based reports and dashboards, Export as PDF, CSV, Excel, Print, etc.

EDUMAAT generates various sorts of reports for parents, students, staff, CEO, etc. depending upon their specified role. These reports are customised as per the requirements which enables the user to have the actionable data in their hand as reports for immediate actions.

  • Custom Dashboards based on roles
  • Module Wise Reports and Dashboards
  • User wise Reports and Dashboards
  • Custom Reports as per the requirments
  • Exportable in various formats
  • Bulk Printing of Reports

Hostel Management

Multiple Hostel Management, Multiple Blocks Management, Mess Bills

Hostel Management Module enables to handle

  • Graphical Room Allocation
  • Hostel Fee Management
  • Hostel Attendance
  • Hostel ID Cards
  • Multiple Hostel Management
  • Multiple Block Management
  • Multiple Room Management
  • Mess Food Time Table
  • Outpass Management
  • Pocket Money Management
  • Call Log Management
  • Reports

Sickroom Management

History of Visits, Automated Notifications to Parents

Sickroom Management Module enables to treat the students and track their history

  • Sickroom Visitor
  • Action Taken
  • Student Health Report
  • Sickroom Reports
  • Automated Notification
  • History of Visits

Student’s Corner

The student’s corner feature of the Edumaat solution is a student value-portal that serves to enable the student utilize his/her own time schedule at all time round the clock be it in or outside the institute. It enables the student to maximize learning often even before he reaches the institute or well after he leaves the institute for the day. It allows him to stay in touch with the institute’s events while at the same time accessing the library or working on his lesson plans, lab plans and assignments.

It leaves maximum room for thinking and learning for the students and eventually make him more valuable to the society at large when he leaves the institute for career initiatives or higher learning.

The student or parents can remain abreast of his performance parameters or the trends of his examination results and get important communication from the administration department, the Principal and faculty.

  • Time Table
  • Exam Results
  • Assignments
  • Daily Tasks
  • Performance
  • Dashboards
  • Exam Schedules
  • Attendance
  • Examination
  • Fee Payable
  • Nofications
  • Communication

Teacher’s Room

Daily Tasks Managed with digital solutions! Spend less time on attendance, messages, home works, updates, marks and report generation!

Through the teacher’s value portal feature of the Edumaat solution, the teacher is enabled to have access to critical documents including knowledge documents, research data and documents, have access to each student in his allocated classes or course modules, lessons and laboratory plans.

The teacher has the provision to create assignments and assign them to student groups or individual students and monitor them.

On a personal front, the teacher (also referred to as a teaching member of staff) can raise requests or requisitions such as purchase requisition, leave request, travel request or facility booking request which helps him/her save useful time.

The member of staff can view his or her own performance in the dashboard which has other depictions and display of key parameters and communication.

  • Paperless Solution
  • Quick and Easy
  • Track Student
  • Easy Online Reporting
  • Performance
  • Time Table
  • Dashboards
  • Daily Schedule
  • Attendance
  • Marks Entry
  • Nofications
  • Communication
  • Teacher/Parent Collaboration

Parent’s View

Often in real cases, the parent sponsors the education but remains in the dark about the ward’s performance, results, attendance or the various events at the institute. He hardly gets any communication on various aspects including any defaults or outstanding fees.

Edumaat has apparent portal feature that enables the parents to stay in touch with his ward’s education and take required action as desired.

  • Ward’s Attendance
  • Exam Results
  • Communication
  • Dashboards
  • Nofications
  • Daily Schedules
  • Ward’s Performance
  • Fee Details
  • Reports
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Communication
  • Homeworks
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