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Ultimate School ERP Software For Schools And Colleges.

School ERP Software is a platform that helps in managing the day-to-day academic and managerial activities from a single platform. Edumaat provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents, and management personnel of your institution. The various modules offered in ERP Solutions for Schools and Colleges automate daily operations of your institution such as from students’ admission to generating transfer certificates to digitizing the online learning experience all can be managed effortlessly.

Edumaat ERP Solutions for Schools and Colleges has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Online Class, Examinations, Grade books, Mobile Learning, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events, and many more. It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employee payslips. The Finance module helps you to plan and allot different fee structures to students. EdumaatERP Solutions for Schools and Colleges System is also a brilliant collaboration tool using its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog, and Videoconference plugins. There is an internal messaging system within Edumaat, but you can also integrate it with external communication tools like email and texting. To find out more about the ERP Solutions for Schools and Colleges, contact us for more information.


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