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Deep Dive Into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Upgrading and technology adoption or innovation in educational institutions are being the new and foremost vital activities that institutions need to focus on. The replacement of old and traditional methods of operating everyday tasks with a centralized ERP is helping the core of institutes bring quantifiable and qualifying progress in the academic and administrative performance.

An ERP Solutions for Schools and Colleges includes complex modules that can help institutions streamline and automate various processes along with considerably improving the scalability and flexibility of academic and administrative tasks in the institution. Edumaat is one of the best, robust, and flexible ERP systems that focuses to drive digital transformation in universities, higher education institutions, schools, and training institutes. It owns manifold modules that manage all the academic and administrative operations.

Admissions are considered as one of the most important segments for any educational institution, Edumaat pre-admission/admission management module creates and manages admission applications for the institution. It provides an online application form facility on the institute’s website along with managing related tasks for it.

This module removes the major manual task that is converting inquiries into applications and applications into admissions. All these tasks are so smooth in handling and storing detailed information and records of every student registration. It also helps in creating and managing numerous inquiry and application reports. Some of the key features of this module include: Program and courses management is one of the most vital modules that creates and manages the plethora of programs & courses offered by numerous departments in an institution.

In the era of automation and digital transformation, educational organizations need to choose the best ERP school management software that can help them in bringing the complete automation of all the key tasks and operations making the academic and administrative operations updated perfectly.


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