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Does your college need an ERP?

We’ll explain why is it essential to have integrated management software for your college.

It is highly tiring and confusing work to manage your admission, finance, resource management, and so on to consolidate, organize centralize and maintain the records of them without missing even a bit of them. And that’s why your college needs automated and integrated software to take care of all of these with zero chaos.

Edumaat turns all those complex paper works into centralized records in just one software management system saving all of your time and efforts.

So let us now take a look at highlights of the features of Edumaat.

Admission time:

Admissions are one of the most hectic times of an academic year especially to calculate the availability of seats, the number of candidates applied, and the number of candidates who are admissible for a particular course. Edumaat does it all in a few steps automatically generating the students’ list who are eligible for admission.

Attendance Management:

All of the tasks from calculating the present ones, absentees, tallying them, and sending SMSs to the absentees will be taken care of through the edumaat’s customizable algorithms which makes it easier for the staffs.

Multiple institution managements:

This feature allows the head office of a group or institution to control and manage the administration under one window which makes it easy for the management.

These are just highlights of what you could expect from edumaat feel free to contact us for further more queries and clarifications.

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