Student Attendance Management Software

Student attendance management software is developed to monitor everyday student attendance in educational institutions. This software makes it easier to maintain and track the attendance information for the management. The system is automated where it tracks the student automatically once he reaches the institute which completely eliminates the manual work of the staff.

It can be incorporated with access card system and so the reports on the absence of the students and reporting late can be generated and it will notify the management and their parents as well. The software provides parents with first-hand information about their wards being absent and it is useful for the management to analyze the student and give individual attentions when it is required.

The notification will be sent via email or SMS or portal to the parents and it bridges effective communication between parents and the management. The main advantage of this software is, it reduces the paperwork of teachers as it consumes a lot of time.

Edumaat’s attendance management software can be integrated with RFID, BLE to save time and generate any student’s report in a single click. By using this software, it is easier for the management to track student’s details as it is safe, flexible, and accurate. It also notifies the parents about the consequences of student’s irregular attendance and other details.
Benefits of EDUMAAT’s Student Attendance management system:

  • It reduces the manual work of teachers and it’s a time saving process.
  • It eliminates duplicate entries and errors from time to time.
  • Absenteeism can be tracked even if there are multiple campuses.
  • It keeps the parents notified about their wards irregularity.
  • Reports of any classes can be auto generated in split second.
  • High security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users.

Therefore, Edumaat’s student attendance management system highly benefits the wide range of students and their managements.

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