Process Map

Institute Administration

The Institute Administration Processes are a group of processes that constitute the core processes of an institute and determine the business efficiency of the institute.

The core processes are as given below and they roughly follow the same order. However, they are largely not dependent on each other in many ways even though the data they use are almost always common to all processes.

Institute Setup Processes:

These processes help the administrative staff to set up the various parameters pertaining to the master data of the institute, such as: The Institute’s locations, addresses, buildings, facilities, accounts, teaching and non-teaching staff data, courses and curriculum, various stakeholder and user management configuration based on role types and information security considerations, document management configuration, academic calendar and events, and so on.

Human Resources Management Processes:

These processes help the administrative staff and heads of departments set up and monitor information with respect to its teaching and non-teaching staff.
It help in assignment of various courses and modules to various faculty members, monitor feedback and performance of staff including attendance and which is based also on other aspect oriented performance parameters.
The Students and Staff portals help the administrative staff to effectively address the requirements of these communities in a transparent and optimized manner.

Facility Management Processes:

The institute may consist of one or several buildings inside an integrated campus or a distributed one and these building may consist of various facilities like class, exam or seminar rooms and halls, laboratories, libraries, clubs, gymnasia or canteens, hostel rooms, etc. among others. There might be other types of facilities such as a fleet of buses to carry participating students or staff.
The facility management processes help administer these facilities with optimum effort.

Group Communication and Notification Processes:

With the help of these processes the administration can send notifications to various groups of stakeholders including prospective candidates appearing for the admission test or to parents and students on specific events or to communicate on fees payment outstanding.

Document Management Processes:

These processes enable to administrative to create and maintain indexed documents and records in an effective manner in order to keep them safe, secure and available when required.

Accounts and Interface Processes:

These processes enable the administrators to carry out or manage activities such as collection of fees via multiple modes of payment, bank reconciliations, purchase requisitions, leave and travel requests of staff, attendance record and booking of specific facility by a member of staff.

Admissions Management

Students are admitted to an institute typical through a well laid out admission processes that may even be interfaced with the institute’s website in specific cases.

The candidate or prospective student follows a workflow approach to fill up data pertaining to the course(s) applied for and all other required data and uploaded documents.

Edumaat has a built in customizable algorithm that scores the candidates according to the demand and availability of seats and generate the list of admissible candidates. The administrative staff then follows a defined and customizable procedure to register the student for the course.

Lessons Management

These set of processes enable to heads of departments and faculty to design and setup courses and curricula, modules for these courses, allocation of faculty member to teach the modules and monitor the effectiveness.

These processes enable the staff member allocated to teach a module can setup lesson plans, schedule, lesson contents and class assignments to student groups or to a specific student.

For modules involving laboratory assignments, the teacher or the laboratory assistant can set up laboratory plans and content mapping to equipment and components needed for the said laboratory assignment or plan.

It also helps the students and the teacher to interact on the assignments and proactively promotes deeper learning on the concerned subjects.

Student Management

The student management processes along with the student portal helps the student to effectively utilize his/her time as well as closeness to status of assignments, results and performance at examinations to what is happening at the institute or even outstanding institute invoices.

The student can get direct access to learning modules or documents in the e-library.

The parent’s (or guardian’s) portal is designed in a fashion so as to enable the parent or guardian to remain in touch with his/her performances, institute events or notifications.

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