How to Manage the Entire Admission Process?

Main aim for an institute is preparing the student, imparting the knowledge to the student and produce enlightened students who contribute to the world and the society through their knowledge. EDUMAAT is a software tool designed for the automation of the education sector and attempts to address the needs of all the stakeholders, the students, parents, teachers, and the management.

Admission at one click! Isn’t it sounds amazing? Forget the tiring system of Admission, with loading storage of papers, consuming a good amount of man power, efforts time and money. Students Admission Management Software allows you to manage all  details of the student required for an admission. Starting from the family information, the previous school details, birth and transfer certificate, report cards till the photograph of the student is fed into the Software. Any admission to be made is made easier as the students fill up all these details with their mobile or system from anywhere, based on which acceptance or rejection of the admission can be  done.

The data is stored in the computer based database which requires less time and manpower to create an economic and accurate data rapidly. Once the student admission is confirmed, the student login is created automatically along with the details he entered remains same linked with his/her profile till he leaves the institution.

The long list of reports based on the students’ details helps to check the enrollment of the candidate, sending admission confirmation SMS and emails are made  easy and flexible. Generating customized reports to get statistics of students’ admission and reports for each individual is made a hands on way to provide the data in fraction of seconds by the management.

Manage the entire admission process for each academic year, storing the students’ details in a specific medium, standard, and division with ease. EDUMAAT reduces the complexity in organizing the admission and its process and helps the institution to get the accurate details and provide the stakeholders to get transparent information required.

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