Latest Technologies in Education system

Education system has evolved to the latest technologies as years pass by, and it is time for us to adapt to the trending and easy way to access and run an institution. Educational Management Software is an all-in-one software, which has everything your institution will need. Simplify the life of institution administrators, teachers and especially the students and parents.

An app for yourself!

Have your own educational Management Software in your own brand name which can be easily accessible for parents, teachers, and students in all computers, iPad, and android or iOS mobile phones with required network access. Imagine having your own app for your school or institution in Android Play store. Isn’t it great? Yes! An app with the logo of the institution as the app icon with the preferred colored theme related to the logo and also customize the pages for About us, Chairman’s profile, etc. in the mobile app.

Students, Teacher have their own schedules:

The basic needs of an institution are the admission, Finance, Exam and attendance scheduling. Employees can be segregated as teaching staffs, non-teaching staffs, wardens, etc, and their positions, grades, departments, and pay roles are categorized from the Human Resource module. The leaves and attendance is managed in the employee leave module and also can make your own attendance report.

Let the students create their own profile with login accessed by the students and parents. The students’ admission module gives the details about the students and their attendance and various reports. Make the admission registrations and the shortlisting ease. Some of the general modules which are common for all are the Time table modules, work allotted for the teachers and substitute teachers, full time table of the institution, class rooms allocations, Exam Scheduling, and results. The admin can handle the scheduling of the fee collection, reports for payment done, partial payment, or pending, institutional fees, salaries purchases, sales, etc. under the finance part of the institution.

Stay connected with everyone:

Make communication a closer process through internal messaging system, send public or private messages to the teachers, students, or parents. Put forward your opinions on a subject through Poll, create your own Blogs and Publish, manage the data through the plugin, organize events, and it goes on till the extent to satisfy the institutional needs. What more you need to develop your institutions? Name it and you have all those 50+ modules to serve you the best in just an app.

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