how to increase school admission

How to increase your school admission and make it automated

Like corporates now educational institutes are gradually compelled to move to a situation whey they work on goals. They need to achieve good results at the end of every academic year to achieve the targeted number of admissions.

Nowadays it become a quite challenging for schools. As the number of schools in a particular location increases, the necessity of achieving excellence increases with high set benchmarks.

Every school’s growth is finally measured with two things,
1. Academic Results
2. Number of admissions

Here are some of the strategies on how to increase your school admission.

Word of Mouth
One the most cheapest way of increasing the admission of your school would be word of mouth that too without any large investment. It may be of alumni, parents, staffs and the students who speaks good about your school to others. But, it is also true, it is not such an easy task to make others talk about your school.

Branding and Online Presence
For every school, nowadays online presence is very important since every parent starts finding the best school in their locality through internet before they directly approach you or physically present in your school. Good and SEO friendly website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest (Great for Sharing Images), Instagram, Google Plus Page, etc. is to be created and updated frequently.
Creating a Youtube Channel and sharing few videos of your school, classrooms, events and if possible few videos of lectures would be much better.

Notable Competitions and Examinations
Get noticed in the local news by conducting notable examinations, events, sports games, etc. in your school. This will be a great way of knowing about the facilities and the infrastructure that you have and it will act as a way of getting your school’s name into a lot of places/houses and in front of a lot of parents too which will bring in admission one day or the other depends upon how your school was projected to them.

Local Presence with Flex and Advertisement
Like online presence, local presence is much important. Parents are one of the most influential person on taking decisions for their ward’s admissions especially mothers are large in numbers when compared to fathers in this. One of the main factor that they are considering is the distance and the location where your school is located & transportation too. For attracting those kinds of parents who looks for schools near to their residents and safe for their wards, you can go for local channel TV advertisement, Flex, etc. with all your facilities including the transportation. Stress more about the security that you provide for their children.

Make the parents feel that they are more comfortable
Yeah. This is true. Nowadays people don’t have one thing that is time since in a family both go for work. They will not come to school regularly to get to know about their ward & their performance and about your school as well, if they come they are investing time, so why not help them to save time to make it online.
This would be a pretty smart idea and this will make the parents much more comfortable by accessing and knowing everything about the school, ward’s performance, attendance, daily home works, etc. through their mobile itself.
This will make your school unique and make the parents to speak about you among their colleagues who works with them which in turn brings in new admission for your school.

Make your admission process online, simple and automated
If your school’s admission process has similar challenges as below, then it is time for your school to move to the simple and automated admission process to increase your new admission enquiries and admissions.

  • parents need to wait in a long queue just to get the application form.
  • DD need to be taken separately from the bank (who are now very busy in their own formalities) while getting the application form.
  • need to wait for the date when the filled in admission forms are accepted by the school.
    all the hard copies need to be kept ready.
  • once again the physical presence of the parent is needed who need to visit the school for submitting the filled in application form.
  • once submitted, the status is to be known for which obviously they need to communicate with the school frequently and slowing down the school’s process.
  • manual feeding of filled in admission data entry of all the received application and hard copy documents management.

But people nowadays started exploring everything through their mobile devices itself where they may come to know about your school, courses, infrastructures, extra curricular activities, etc. in their mobile devices. So they may also want to apply for the admission immediately in your school through the mobile itself where they can reserve a seat for their ward before even visiting the school, which would obviously increase more number of admissions and enquiries for your school when compared to hard copy admission forms and physical presence of the parents.

To achieve this you would need your institute based custom admission management system which will take away all your manual interventions and make it automated and more simple with lot of insights and dashboards which will again let you to take correct decisions.

So EDUMAAT would be the best solution for it to manage all you admissions simple and automated through its custom admission management module, tailor made reports and dashboards, automated responses and replies (SMS, Emails) to make more authentic communication, notifications sent frequently on the status of the admission, payments collected online(any mode) for the online admission forms, instant reports on number of seats taken/available and much more.

It is as much as important to make your admission process simple and easy to get the conversion rate increased of your school.

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