Fees Management with Tally accounting interface

EDUMAAT helps to regulate, automate, and transform the fee process to drive efficiently and cost effectively.

Main features of the fees management module is to be intelligent and user-friendly as the system is reliable and easy to use. It can be used to It is useful to automate the fee processing, throughout the student’s academic career and it automatically updates in their portals.

It also helps in collecting and tracking all types of fees for library, text books, exams, courses and more. It also tracks and monitors donation and contribution for the institute.

For scholarship management, the system streamlines the scholarship awarding process to let students apply online.

This system configures fee collection based on installments, late payment details, taxes and much more.

Online fee payments are made easier for students to pay in installments. It also helps in auto-invoicing, alerts and reminders and support for fee automation system. The main benefits of Fee management system is, it is fast and easy, it eliminates re-entries, instant reports, dashboard to track the paid and pending payments, etc.

EDUMAAT is integrated with Tally where both systems can work together. The data from EDUMAAT can be exported and synchronized with Tally, so at end of the day, all the income and expense of the institute can be maintained in Tally.

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