Integrated Administration

Administration of an Educational Institute is one of the more complex forms of organizational management.

It encompasses the various aspects and requirements of the stakeholders through transparent and seamless business processes. The institute’s administration departments handles and hold information and processes for the students who, form one of its most important stakeholder category along with teaching staff or faculty, the parents, the staff of the institute, the institutes assets and facilities such as its campus with its building(s), the various rooms, labs, clubs, transport, library, and so on.

The administration is responsible for setting up and implementing the policies as defined by the Institutes top management including the principal. It also sets up the various roles and types of roles and designation of various members of staff under direction and guidance from the Principal. The organizational model is reflected in these setups.

The administration department also ensures dissemination of information at the right time to the right set of stakeholders including parents. Since the administration department is responsible for all the core business processes it has a critical interface with the finance and accounts department of the university and provides or consumes business critical data with regard to Staff, Students, Income through admission and fee collections, examination details and document details to the finance and accounts department and important functionaries such as the principal, heads of various departments, and so on.

The admissions business process, facilities and assets management are entirely carried out by the administration departments as are institute events and timelines.

Edumaat automates the administrative functions and business processes in order to bolster the institute’s business efficiency while maximizing stakeholder satisfaction and value delivered to the stakeholders.

The Principal’s Office

Being the single most important person in the top management of the institute responsible for formulating, guiding and monitoring the institutional policies , the Principal (or the Director as some institutes prefer to name their chief officer) requires a 360 degree view of the various functions, processes, financial parameters encompassing data that would roll out into the balance sheet, organizational key (performance) indicators or KPIs, as well as view of various staff aspects including performance management , facilities and utilization or returns on various assets and facilities.

After all, it is this consolidated aspect of the institute’s information that would enable him to lead the institute into a very compelling education delivery system that, on the one hand, students and parents would crave for, and on the other would attract the most valuable talent to enter the faculty.

Edumaat product has a separate function that enables a configurable “Principal’s Office” with the customization done, easily and quickly, according KPI’s that are aligned to the institute’s stated vision and mission.

Management Optimization

The business processes and functions of various departments in an educational institute is often complex in terms of inter-departmental and inter-stakeholder coordination as well as collaboration. The business process flow are often challenged with being non-transparent or lacking definition particularly in the case of fuzzy role based functions. This also leads to lowering of staff morale and performance. Obliquely, this also impacts information security.

Edumaat’s integrated education management solution bridges these gaps by providing a user interface that is well-defined in terms of roles, access controls and workflow based design. It is unmistakably clear and easy to operate with very little training thus promising an optimized management system.

With value-stuffed modules such as Admissions, Examination Lifecycle Management, Library Management and Document Management  , the institutes complete business processes are efficiently addressed by the Edumaat solution.

Analytics and Decision Support

The most striking and value-adding feature of the Edumaat solution is that it aims to directly map the institutes stated vision and mission and business objectives into a set of key performance indicators that draw from a set of data analytic algorithms working on the institute’s enterprise data and seeks to unravel business insight out of this data. Such insight helps to directly enable the Principal and other members of management and staff take quick decisions to bolster the institute’s returns on investment and maximizes the stakeholder satisfaction.

Student’s Corner

The student’s corner feature of the Edumaat solution is a student value-portal that serves to enable the student utilize his/her own time schedule at all time round the clock be it in or outside the institute. It enables the student to maximize learning often even before he reaches the institute or well after he leaves the institute for the day. It allows him to stay in touch with the institute’s events while at the same time accessing the library or working on his lesson plans, lab plans and assignments.

It leaves maximum room for thinking and learning for the students and eventually make him more valuable to the society at large when he leaves the institute for career initiatives or higher learning.

The student or parents can remain abreast of his performance parameters or the trends of his examination results and get important communication from the administration department, the Principal and faculty.

Teacher’s Room

Through the teacher’s value portal feature of the Edumaat solution, the teacher is enabled to

have access to critical documents including knowledge documents, research data and documents, have access to each student in his allocated classes or course modules, lessons and laboratory plans.

The teacher has the provision to create assignments and assign them to student groups or individual students and monitor them.

On a personal front, the teacher (also referred to as a teaching member of staff) can raise requests or requisitions such as purchase requisition, leave request, travel request or facility booking request which helps him/her save useful time.

The member of staff can view his or her own performance in the dashboard which has other depictions and display of key parameters and communication.

Parent’s View

Often in real cases, the parent sponsors the education but remains in the dark about the ward’s performance, results, attendance or the various events at the institute. He hardly gets any communication on various aspects including any defaults or outstanding fees.

Edumaat has apparent portal feature that enables the parents to stay in touch with his ward’s education and take required action as desired.

Staff Portal

The members of the institute’s staff, be it teaching or non-teaching, have access to the Edumaat solution portal functions that include raisingrequests or requisitions such as purchase requisition, leave request, travel request or facility booking request which helps him/her save useful time. These functions are defined according to various roles of the staff member.

The member of staff can view his or her own performance in the dashboard which has other depictions and display of key parameters and communication

Human Resources and Facilities

The key functions of the administration department includes management of the human capital (resources) namely the members of the institute’s staff.

The administration department also defines facilities including buildings, rooms, halls, labs, clubs and other assets such as lab equipment or components for their optimal utilization.

Edumaat offers separately defined and well laid out functions for these important business processes.

Enterprise Document Management

The Edumaat solution has a built-in tightly-integrated full-function Document Management System (DMS) that aims to serve as the institute’s enterprise document management platform.

Educational Institutes are document-heavy and this there is pressing need to be able to access enterprise documents and those belonging to students and staff and other stakeholders safe, secure and accessible quickly when required.

The enterprise documents are generally categorized as follows:

  • Module Related Documents
  • Administration Documents
  • Administration Records
  • Assets (Items) Related Documents
  • (Examination) Applicant related documents
  • Student related documents
  • Examination related documents

The Edumaat solution provides for an efficient document platform with indexing feature for the value-optimized institute.

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