Features of School Management Software

Are you looking out to improve the performance of your students? 

Today’s schools set high standards and attempt to raise the “goal post” to create a great brand? They seriously consider the options of investing in Integrated school management software like the EDUMAAT product.

Why EDUMAAT – Integrated School Management Software?

Edumaat- the Integrated School Management Software is a 360-degree tool to have a complete view of the school’s performance. It provides all functions for managing all the aspects of the school’s operations. You can have an eagle’s eye view of student’s performance, staff performance, course management, fees collection, school administration, parent’s participation, and much more.

Let us have a look at the essential features of the Edumaat product.


Fees Management:

This module covers course details with information on faculty, course fees, course pre-requisites, start dates, and duration, etc. It also has an option to pay the costs online. It takes care of every aspect of fees management.

User Management:

User management module gives roles-based access controls for Students, Parents, faculty, staff, school administration and the library staff as well as any other stakeholder category.

Course Management:

Course Management allows faculty to configure and post class materials such as core syllabus and handouts. It also enables the students to publish their papers and other assignments.

Student Registration Management:

This module is designed to keep track of the student admission and registration process for both existing and new students. It stores their pertinent details, previous schooling information, school transfer certificates and birth certificates with their photograph among important information.

You can also keep track of prospectus sale, refundable security deposit, one-time registration fee, etc.

Examination Results and Student Performance Management:

In this module, you can set up examinations; examination marks entry, internal/external exams, theory/practical test, teacher-wise internal assessment, automatic result preparation and print mark sheets. Along with the data, it can be used to measure growth, uncover problems and achieves better outcomes for students.

Other Modules:

The other modules include student/parent functionality, staff/faculty/university admin functionalities, library management, e-library functionality, customizable reporting options and much more.

Options and interfaces:

There is an option to interface Edumaat with Tally, SAP B1 for accounting, payroll, attendance and leaves, and HRMS.

We would be happy to provide a working demo of a model school and display the features of Edumaat.

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