Examination Management Software for School

Edumaat is known for its best and excellent examination management system. With its automated system process, Edumaat helps to schedule and handle the examination much easier by reducing the time for the institute in scheduling the exam for all the classes, hall ticket generation, exam hall allocation, etc.

Edumaat gives up to date information on date, time, subjects, exam hall, reports, hall tickets, absent student lists, etc. which will be shared with every stakeholders based on their roles.

The examination management software for school makes it much easier for the staff to manage and set exams systematically making them more productive. More insights are generated like top 3 students, below average students, etc. with the dashboards given subject wise. The results can also be announced online with their individual grades, report cards, individual subject grades, student information, reports, analysis and much more.

Hence, if you are looking for a smart examination management system for your school or institute, get in touch with us here: http://edumaat.com/get-in-touch/ or call us at 93602 93602.

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