Educational Data Analytics

Here in Edumaat, data analytics and its support system is to verify and analyze data and supporting data driven environment. It is necessary for educational institutions to be smarter with data and analytics, also an important factor for a school is to maintain both external requirements of Accounts to Standard and internal requirements like Personal growth and improvement needs, but using digital technologies, these tasks made it easier with EDUMAAT.
In Edumaat, education data analytics is the process to save the individual’s data with a policy maker enabled to educational management and institution, to verify, analyze and validate a goal based educational policy approach.
Education data analytics can be classified to Teaching Analytics, Learning Analytics and for the Management. These are the techniques used to analyze data of the Instructional designers or educators and learners to reflect on their designs to self-improve and accountability.
 Analytics for learners is the interpretation of data produced for pupils to access their progress, how they rank and the potential improvement in their performance. As each and every student has different level of knowledge depending on their learning pace, an intelligent curriculum will adapt on its own.
 Analytics for educators helps in improving their performance through their feedback and through the saved data, an educator can also spot students who need additional care.
 gement can regulate and take control of this programme to monitor the in-time of students and educators and helps in learning services and all, thus these technologies helps in analyzing strengths and weaknesses of an individual.
 Analyse, enhance and enrich your institute with EDUMAAT!

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