Choosing the Right ERP for Schools and Colleges

Technology Rules; and so the Computers! – everyone would agree with this fact. Computers have entirely changed the world that we live in and are omnipresent, and that’s towards the better. The technology and use of computers have completely changed the way the educational institutes like school, colleges and universities work.  The delivery of education and the administration of institutes have seen a see change with technology such as EDUMAAT, educational ERP.

Technology has simplified the business processes of educational institutions right from the delivery of different learning techniques to the likes of online courses to smart class room and student management and learning management. The latest smart educations ERP’s like EDUMAAT are revolutionizing the field of education while helping the school, colleges and universities to improve their operations while making them more manageable and transparent across all the stake holders.

Some of the biggest industries have benefited from the deployment of ERP solutions and have managed to derive great benefits and cost advantages of integrated processes and best practices in their process. Hence ERP as a concept is not new and has been perfected over three decades and education ERP system are no different. With the same aim, Education ERP systems are being implemented in the educational institutes to better manage their processes, in delivery of education, management of institute and perfecting the desired outcome for the students. Hence, having a right ERP solution for the schools and colleges is necessary and so the criteria to select these solutions are equally important. There are some basic qualities to choose the right School ERP that you need to have some insights on.

1. Review the pre-requisites and pre-installation scenarios:

You should not be in a hurry on the decision of implementing ERP for schools, colleges, universities or campuses. You should ensure that you have sufficient knowledge about the benefits that you will get with such an Education ERP system implementation in your institution. First, you need to analyse the pre-requisition that require you to go for an ERP system, develop objectives of the system and prepare the rough outcomes that you want the ERP to give. This well defined research on the scope of implementation and objectives of the outcome will ensure you to choose the right school ERP system.

2.Choose the ERP software according to your requirements:

The education Management Software would be handling most extensive and complex processes of the educational institutes and based on the level of complexity and process there are a plethora of ERP software available in the market. You should have to carryout and extensive research on different types of Education Management Software available and match it with your already defined implementation objectives and scope. Technologies like EDUMAAT offer one of the best and scalable solutions that comes with integrated processes and reports that delivers maximum value to the educational institutes.

Once the technology and the ERP software are selected, the vital stage comes and that is the implementation of the same. Some best practices in the implementation of a School ERP software are:

1.  Putting the Data right:

This steps requires you to carryout a complete analysis of currently available data as it is not necessary that 100% of your data need to be transferred as there will be some data that are really old and insignificant. But, one need to ensure that majority of the important data are included in the database and for this one has to create spreadsheet or CSV files for properly segmenting and storing of data. The most used education ERPs like EDUMAAT allow the user to transfer or upload the data from various formats like spreadsheets, csv files etc. This software EDUMAAT also ensures that complete and accurate data is transferred to the system which saves a lot of time for the user.

2. Training the End Users:

The end users like the staff, both teaching and non-teaching staff needs to be trained properly to derive the maximum from such powerful education management technologies like EDUMAAT. This is one the most important steps in the ERP implementation. School Management Softwares such as EDUMAAT is used by the school administrators, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students and parents, i.e. all the stake holders in the institute and hence a proper training to all the stake holders is of essence in realising the maximum potentiaon of this education management system.

3. Setting up your ERP software live:

There are a check list of the scope and objective has to be satisfied with extensive testing of the system before going live. Popular and widely used school management systems like EDUMAAT even though are tried and tested for its process capabilities, have to be again tested in the IT environment of the institute to meet the objective for which it is being implemented. Timely maintenance and upgration of the system is as important as the implementation of a education ERP system.

With convergence of technologies and BYOD systems of working catching up even in the schools and colleges any school management system, need to have these capabilities. An education ERP holds the promise of adding value to a very complex and wide variety of process in the delivery of education and hence it should be easily operable within minimum interference in the system, a capability that is being brought by Education ERP technologies like EDUMAAT.


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